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Family Workshops

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​Family Event

                                                                 " Dad's Smile My Prize"   T&C

1. This event is organised by P&Y International Services Solutions Ltd. (the ''P&Y International'')

These rules and conditions apply to ''Dad's Smile, My Prize'' - Father's Theme Photo Competition London 2017. If you are under 18, you must have permission your parents or legal guardians before you enter. All entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


For all information about the ''Dad's Smile, My Prize'' competition,

please visit


2. Time: 16/06/2017 - 1/7/2017 23:59pm


3. Eligibility to Enter: All residents of UK, international submissions are also welcomed.


4. Entry Requirements:


4.1 There's no limit on style or genre, however, the entry must match the theme of the competition. It must not have been published to other media and the entrant must own the original copyright of the work. P&Y International will not be responsible for any disputes related to copyright infringement between entrants and any 3rd parties.


4.2 The submitted entries must be clear and complete. High-resolution works are welcomed.


4.3 Entries will be deemed invalid if they:


contain defamatory, malicious, obscene, violent, indecent or other inappropriate content;


represent a danger to health and safety;


promote drugs or drug culture;


refer to brands other than those of the Promotor;


include images of children who are not the children of the entrant;


include trademarks, logos or copyrighted material not owned by the entrant or used without the permission of the owner;


holder’s prior written permission (including famous names, company names etc.);


include the names of any individual without their express permission; or


in the reasonable opinion of the Promotor, cause any widespread or serious offence (taking into account prevailing community views or standards).


5. Submission:


Tweet, post on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest your Dad's picture and a brief explanation of their special achievement. The submission must include the hashtag #dadsmilemyprize and @P&YInternational


You are welcome to submit more than one entry.

6. Judging:


The judging will be conducted by P&Y International Team


7. Prizes


''Most Touching Award'', 1 winner, VIP entry to "Summer Father Theme Party 2017"


''Competition Finalists'', 50 winners, 20% off Vouchers for ''Summer Father Theme Party 2017"


P&Y International reserve the right of verifying the true identities of participants. P&Y International will not disclose such information to any 3rd parties.


8. All entrants agree their entries can be used by P&Y International for sales and promotion.


9. For any complaints, feedback and questions relate to the competition, please contact


10. Force majeure: include but not limited to natural disaster, war, strike, riot, crime, P&Y International reserves the right to adjust or cancel the competition at its own discretion due to change of circumstances.


11. Uncovered issues to be resolved through negotiations


12. These terms and conditions are under the ruling of the courts of England and Wales. P&Y International reserves the right to amend, modify, include or cancel any parts of these terms and conditions at its own discretion.


13. P&Y International reserve the right of the final interpretation of these terms and condition.

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